Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Aqua Riva sends out orders [INSERT RELEVANT SHIPPING DAYS] unless notified otherwise. Once your order has been packed and is ready for shipping, you will be notified via email, and we will provide you with a tracking number. Aqua Riva take no responsibility for wrong airport selection or for orders being left at the airport. It is important you ensure you arrive at your local airport in time to pick up your shipment.

Aqua Riva offers 3 options for freight:• Fastway (for local and national door to door deliveries and dry goods) Zone 1.• Virgin Blue Freight for Airport to Airport Deliveries.

Because Aqua Riva is committed to providing our resellers with excellent service, if we have insufficient stock of the fish that you have ordered, we will only ship what we have in stock and we will provide a credit for your next order.

Deceased Fish

At Aqua Riva, every care is taken when packaging up our live fish for transportation however we are unable to predict what will happen when they are in transit. For this reason, we require that you check your order once it is delivered and if any fish have died in transit, photos are taken of the fish in its original packaging. We will require you to send us this photographic evidence of the dead fish as well as written information with regard to the type of fish and number of fish that are deceased, within 24 of receiving your order

If any noticeable signs of damage or illness are discovered on arrival, please let Aqua Riva know within 24 hours and provide photographic and written evidence.

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