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Discus Fish

Discus fish belong to the Cichlid family and are derived from the many wild-occurring forms of two closely related species: Symphysodon aequifasciata and S. discus. Both species can only be found in the Amazon basin of South America. They are characteristically a brightly coloured fish, with their colours greatly affected by mood, sex and hormonal chemistry.

The body of the discus fish is round, compressed and disk-like. These fish are popular among aquarists for their colouration which differs greatly depending on their variety. Colours include bright blues, turquoise, heckel (a brown or blue with a black bar in the middle of the fish), red melon, yellow melon, blue diamonds. When found in the wild, most discus are a variation of green, brown or yellow. Their colours will become more distinct if the discus is startled or feels threatened, and the male fish’s colouration will become even more pronounced during periods of sexual activity.

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