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Cichlids range in size from as little as under an inch up to three feet in length. No matter your level of fish keeping experience, there are varieties suited for both beginner and experienced fish keepers. Angels and Discus also fall within this banner, they come in shapes, sizes and colours that your customers will love.

Both in the store and at home, cichlids need places where they can hide away such as in rock caves, under pieces of wood or in other decorations often found in aquariums. Using limestone rock is a great way to harden water naturally, while keeping your fish relaxed and at peace.

There are some real standouts in the cichlid family that can be great stepping stones for tropical fish owners who are interested in keeping Cichlids or trying to find a species that suits their community aquarium. If this sounds like some of your customers, download this PDF to share with your team so they are ready to help your customers make their next purchase.

Segway Cichlids

For breed specific care sheets, please see below for a list of downloadable PDFs.

At Aqua Riva we stock African Cichlids, which include Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria Cichlids.
We also stock South American Cichlids such as Oscars, Geophagus and Jaguar Cichlids, plus so many more. Please contact us to find out which cichlids we have in stock.

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