Did you know Bettas are from the Gourami family? Bettas originate from the shallow waters of Thailand, Indonesia. Malaysia, Vietnam and China. They make their homes in canals, rice paddies, flood plains, slow moving streams and ponds (not hoof prints of cattle). These beauties are well known for their territorial behaviour, with high levels of aggression towards each other, hence the name Siamese Fighting Fish. These fish have organs that allow them to breathe oxygen directly, so don’t be alarmed if they sit near the top of the tank. They are also keen sleepers, a relaxed Betta can often be found curled up on a leaf or suitable perch.

Why do they need special food? Bettas have very short digestive tracts, and they are geared to eat a high protein (meat) diet. Products sold as betta foods will be protein rich so their bodies can absorb and digest the food quickly. Using a heavy plant based food will either go uneaten or be poorly metabolised by the fish body. This means more waste and dirty water.

How to keep them happy:

  • keep your water at 25-30 degrees year round (buy a heater that suits the size of your aquarium)
  • maintain soft, slightly acidic water by doing regular water changes
  • plenty of plant life (real or plastic). By recreating their natural habitat they will look and feel their best.
  • don’t house them with other flashy, aggressive fish. This can mean separating them from their own species unless you are breeding them.
  • use a pump, air stone and treated water. You only want to create soft flow. Too much turbulence will make them exhausted.

Complimentary products to drive your aquatic sales:

  • small heater pads that can sit underneath the aquarium
  • small plastic and real plants
  • complete aquarium setups that can house a betta and suitable tankmates. Look for products that fit on desks, counters and kitchen spaces.
  • Betta food (freeze dried Tubifex and Blood Worms, frozen brine shrimp and insect larvae)
  • small sizes of water conditioner, medication (to treat fluke, tapeworm and whitespot) & good bacteria.
  • small clip on LED lamps, small bags of stones or gravel
  • make sure you have living demonstrations set up to give your customers inspiration. Make it easy for them to shop. Talk to your reps about getting these set up. Most will be happy to help.

Bettas Click here to download this information to share with your team.

At Aqua Riva we stock a wide variety of Bettas such as Plakat Betta, Crowntail Betta, Halfmoon Betta and Elephant Ear Betta. For the full range of Bettas that we have in stock, please contact us.

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